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1 Primarily, telephone is draining electrical current ... (4)
3 ... from source of electricity; you could get a personal line (5,5)
9 Writing about one society girl (4)
10 Booze is produced here I, even so, take note to matintain sober exterior (10)
12 It could be seen in play on the Strand (5-4)
13 He abandoned Greek woman (5)
14 Explosive stuff obtained from bees from which is extracted extremely oily soapy substance (7,5)
18 Bully requires them to be banged together (6,6)
21 Sort of plant, but not one found in scrub (5)
22 One retired in boarding house with some hesitation (9)
24 Parrot regularly gets mistreated: I report owner (10)
25 Woman beginning to display beard (4)
26 The first woman to be whipped? (5,5)
27 She likes men to surround her (4)
1 It goes bang on the hour (4,4)
2 Scornfully rejects man turning up on date provided by Capital Partners (8)
4 Franco-German agreement going by the board? (5)
5 Vessel to carry sick servicemen (9)
6 Hail poetical forms from long ago (12)
7 It's unnecessary, sinking ship, and this will lead to enmity (6)
8 Letting out the clutch (6)
11 Cleaner fuel's raised amount of work done by factory finally, by a shade (8,4)
15 Blake, Wordsworth and Southey? Not the first (4,5)
16 Sun leader reported wicked luminaries' disgraceful actions (8)
17 Alienate sergeant in mess (8)
19 Turn out drunk shortly before the tavern closes (60
20 Pub bore mostly butts in it's in character (6)
23 Mad old monk was Zimbabwean politician (5)

Solution to Crossword 20