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1 The Italian student leaves Jesus College in Cambridge for one in Oxford (6,6)
9 After final portion of vindaloo, time in the bog is required many a time (5)
10 Driving back from endless binge utter lunatic! (9)
11 Washing up liquid (9)
12 South American uses it to pay sweetener to Frenchman (5)
13 Live with uncontrolled desire (6)
15 Turned around the car, almost plunging into the grass (8)
18 Man United's opposition? (8)
19 They can be worn on the sleeve of a suit (6)
22 Showy splendour's reflected in some festal celebrations (5)
24 Throw Liverpudlian into a stew (9)
26 She saw girl following an investigation out East (9)
27 Piece of eight? (5)
28 Dish of lamb's tender (9,3)
1 Thick soup is food to the German (7)
2 Priest not empowered to perform ceremonies? (5)
3 Snack, very loosely speaking, provided by club (4,5)
4 It follows that he came across a bad egg here and there (6)
5 Peacekeepers under British leader fighting to relieve oppression (8)
6 Animal shelters in broken down Escort, having run away (5)
7 Find out when record's finished playing (8)
8 A vice that's accepted (6)
14 One's name may often be on it being extremely prone to illness, lacking energy (4,4)
16 Try to accommodate too many people more than 100, on the fourth row (9)
17 Arrived and, being unimportant, found the red carpet thus? (6,2)
18 Schism causes endless damage to church (6)
20 Cover the woman to keep in the warmth (7)
21 Wear down a fabric, say (6)
23 Refuse to have reckless time at first (5)
25 At university to get first in philosophy? Much would be required here! (2,3)

Solution to Crossword 19