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Crossword 17
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Method: Solve the clues and fit them where they will go.
A One car endlesly needs repair to exhaust it's causing pollution (4,4)
B Hollow building block mostly made of B? (5)
C Occasional party had by temporary staff (6,6); Press, if touring Ross, would discover what you're doing (5)
D One could go on a spin, being relatively sober (5)
E The King is leaving Queen that's fishy! (5)
F Courage brew mostly fresh ales with a head (12)
G Groups gain eminence with this producer (9)
H Greet Eastern Rastafarian leader familiarly (5)
I Within the Latin translation of... (5)
J ...1. John, "I relent" wrongly becomes "I require" (Pilate, in speech) (8)
K They're up for a party (5)
L Flash sort of conductor (9)
M Associatin' with unpleasant person and causing trouble (6,2); Matchstick finally having gone out, possibly making fire with this? (9)
N The blackness of inferior rubber? (9)
O Where the French set off by boat (9)
P The Puppy of the Baskervilles (1915) and The Young Man and the Sea (1955)? (8)
Q Live fast (5)
R Steps taken by bell-hop? (4-5)
S What MPs in the House would have been for Guy Fawkes (7,7)
T Incredibly, one can teach without a student in this college (9)
U Let go one French worker (6)
V Destructive potato blight finally eradicated with injection of nitrogen? (9)
W Voiced question showing unfamiliarity with sewing kit thus making a bloomer (7,7)
X Get cross with man who's a believer (4)
Y The old article by Lamb (4)
Z Last ball gets hit back by English opener? That should be "belted" (6)

Solution to Crossword 17