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1 Blooming tooth robber! You have the legal right to fine him (12)
9 Dostoyevsky's Prince Myshkin gives one girl books (5)
10 Bursting in and bursting out, we hear (9)
11 Completed dub on soundtrack extraordinarily quickly (9)
12 Recent time lost makes one tardier (5)
13 Some metal boxes get returned, flattened at the edges (6)
15 Radioactive metal found in protein by one university microbiologist originally (8)
18 Composer who brought Spanish language to Italy? (8)
19 It helps produce groovy music (6)
22 Required by one sitting president at meeting (5)
24 Topless sex on Prague television initially bothered censor (9)
26 One who makes good money for his employers wouldn't be welcome at Lord's, perhaps (9)
27 Brad returns with a climber (5)
28 Repeatedly speak with East European corrupt dialect (6-6)
1 Bespectacled Corin somehow finds a S. American flower (7)
2 Brief moment for a lyricist? (5)
3 Give advance payment to South African province before delivery (9)
4 Non-Spanish speaker in America has to travel around to make a call (6)
5 Version of Christe eleison primarily for those with unorthodox creed (8)
6 Banish former huntsman out East (5)
7 Defective hearing result of putting one in the wind (8)
8 Worker is on the edge in Northern Ireland (6)
14 Reluctant Marion undressed for seducer (8) 
16 Raised capital to support one theatre with production of Lear, among others (5,4)
17 Eskimo shaman finds English king in capital city, decapitated (8)
18 Commander in chief to the Queen has love for orator (6)
20 Leak incomplete cross-reference (7)
21 A mineral source extremely thin on the ground (6)
23 Dance graduate leaves cake (5)
25 A shortage? What a shame (5)

Solution to Crossword 3