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Crossword 16

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This is the Richard Strauss of crosswords unashamedly self indulgent! The clues are of a length that would have most crossword editors tearing their hair out, and I have included several obscure words in clues and answers. However I was rather pleased with the end result, and I hope you enjoy it too.


1 Division of zillah obtained by a private in the artillery, say (9)
6 A.C. cries: This is rich soy sauce that's been fermented (5)
9 Extract energy from element (not boron) and it becomes another (7)
10 Provide food for topless nymphs in American state (7)
11 Harsh Athenian lawgiver displayed zero wit, on reflection (5)
12 After time, to study English philosopher is drudgery (9)
13 Charles leaves Chablis, eating hot pancake (5)
14 In conversation, you see, gin needs to be imbibed to get conversational wit (9)
17 Spontaneous combustion started after car backed on to motorway (9)
18 Musically above Joan Sutherland, for example? No, no (5)
19 Combining power of 2, wrongly applied to cobalt, has conceivable result (9)
22 Can be eaten by fish swimming back across river (5)
24 Call in question a statement by girl declaring herself attractive? (7)
25 Swivel musket found wanting in Gallipoli, to some extent (7)
26 Fellow uses euphemistic oath to heartless judge (5)
27 Van Dyck's first to follow Raphael's revolutionary style, ultimately replacing Latin (9)
1 Edmund's poised to settle with shillings and pence (5)
2 One concerned with matters of the soul not square or sanctimonious becomes member of High Church party (9)
3 A unicorn, one fabulously belonging to Roman station (9)
4 More than one chap stood up woman a first 'int she needs treatment for worms! (15)
5 Former Conservative leader holds answer to each problem: "Depose king and form alliance of cities" (9,6)
6 S-substance produced by marine animal (5)
7 Palebuck that's reared in island pen (5)
8 Midwinter festival mostly observed by a lay gathering (2-5-2)
13 High flier has roast lamb take-out? (9)
15 One gets in a best bitter, at last, being drunk? Not him (9)
16 In conflict, enemy agent lasts out, hiding quietly in tail unit of aircraft (9)
20 Flat in Virginia given to sanctimonious Democrat (5)
21 Glean a way of separating warp threads (5)
23 In America, lured to source of light (5)

Solution to Crossword 16