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Crossword 15

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1 Grant given to convent school (12)
8 Some food suitable for a tosser? (7)
9 See 3
11 Have great affection for pop singer and his fanatical following (7)
12 High fliers from British university taken on by financial speculators (7)
13 See 19 ac
14 Fruit obtained by interbreeding conker with mallow regularly (4-5)
16 Arrangement of locks which requires no key (9)
19,13 Relative's against any one producing 21's work (5,5)
21 Audibly tick off writer of 19 ac 13; 3 9; 26; and 3 (part 1) 6 (7)
23 Broadcast "The Jazz Singer?" (7)
24 Evangelists chiefly refer to part of the Bible: that's obvious (7)
25 Conveyance by van (7)
26 Goneril, Regan and Cordelia for example in 21's work (5,7)
1 Set of cutlery from cafeteria (7)
2 Where Lawrence went to drink cold coffee (7)
3,9 Article by revolutionary bishop takes on leaders of orthodox church in a measure 21 wrote it (3,6,7)
4 Lozenge obtained from doctor by Greek character (5)
5 Copper gets stuck in large chimney, the sucker (7)
6 In speech, observe Fool following 3 (part 1) in 21's work (7)
7 Enterprise, for example, requiring mostly clever chaps to work including one egghead  (5,7)
10 Break up with girl, treating emotions extremely casually (12)
15 Company briefly gets involved with dodgy stereos and protects fence? (9)
17 Swimmer in frozen water flounders perhaps (3-4)
18 Leaders of society paraded here to hold a ball in olden times (7)
19 Not knowing where outspoken girl is leading (7)
20 US city's manufacturing plant (7)
22 Makes one cross? (5)

Solution to Crossword 15