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Crossword 14

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Some clues provide the names of the 16's leaders. All these clues, including 16, are partial they have no definitions.


1 Confused sound of voices coming from the infant wing? (5)
4 It's a common situation for jockey to put money on filly coming first (9)
9 Composer's entered in Grove incorrectly (9)
10 Volunteers return to desert to find a race indigenous to 16 (5)
11 Leaning type associated with Pisa? (6)
12 One's said to fall asleep around noon (8)
14 Henry's to dash to church, substituting for one in city of 19 (9)
16 Country displacing capital after revolution; royal leader being last (4)
19 Poet has no love for 16's news agency (4)
20 Having given ear to Cockney's arrogance, love, you finally admitted it is tedious (10)
22 The French gent's criminal he goes inside for stretch (8)
23 One to laze about before afternoon may well be found in bed (6)
26 Plies the product, possibly, with sales patter (5)
27 Reckon he's mad to hold scorpion's tail (9)
28 One who arranges for newspaper to rise in circulation (9)
29 He brings wine from Bordeaux to American city (5)
1 In the US it's expensive for epicene to get credit accepted (3-6)
2 Head of secret service in 16 is lifted away from part of 16 (5)
3 Having a bit of foliage that's present in the smallest possible amount? On the contrary (8)
4 Ditch bowler before end of spell twice? (2-2)
5 Feel 'unger very badly desiring dish that's best served cold (10)
6 Former partner's wrong to demand money with menaces (6)
7 Give barman tip as token of appreciation for providing starter? (9)
8 Drink half finished by murdered statesman of 16 (5)
13 Agrees to be silent, mostly, about controversial c-cases (10)
15 Standing for salesman doing a bunk and feeling bitter about it (9)
17 Surgeon's tool found in grate by a politician (9)
18 British leader never ordered Zurich to be evacuated and captured (8)
21 Left without a blemish (6)
22 Money given by fool for old rope (5)
24 Riefenstahl's associated with Nazism, chiefly (5)
25 With sun's endless heat, river is to dry up (4)

Solution to Crossword 14