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Plenty to Digest by Sleight
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This debut puzzle from Sleight has a food theme. It's an extremely enjoyable puzzle with some fresh and original ideas, including some cracking cryptic-only definitions. I particularly like 4 across, 15 down and 23 down.


1 Staggering mobile home with lively and unexpected extras (5)
4 Slimy food often served in-house? (8)
8 When more than one pays on hearing cry of Prague secessionist, maybe (8,6)
10 Guts shown by one on trial in Beatles' revolutionary number (9)
11 Bad performer is back without Tormé (5)
12 Fly down, possibly, from island east of New Zealand in improved location (8)
14 Broken tea-set is all one owns (6)
17 A forward, again (6)
18 Limit wild music that's essential to hot salsa (8)
20 Advice for unfulfilled consumer (3,2)
22 Right teaching not a thickening process (9)
24 Use cream, flour and egg mixture in a series of dishes (4-6,4)
25 Warping deepens after temperature cycle (3-5)
26 Vicious character carries cute alien around set (5)

1 Signals guest with elastic contorting (12)
2 It's critical to trap pet I zero in on, for a start (9)
3 Dashing athletes used to cover hundreds of these (5)
4 Twisted pair in terrible need (8)
5 Baker packs cooler for prestige (6)
6 Resigns, upsetting listeners? (2-7)
7 Fibre packing found in tree...maybe...(5)
9 Resort Ned met girl in and became intimate (12)
13 Travel documents allow drinks after dinner, perhaps (9)
15 I chart etc. new building (9)
16 Departed no longer are dead and buried (8)
19 New role in church for French American (6)
21 What might be under the "X" from confused voter? (5)
23 The mating game? (5)

Solution to Plenty to Digest by Sleight