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Here is another new setter who shows that you don't necessarily have to buy the broadsheets to find good puzzles. Boyar's clues are neat and elegant, making excellent use of the possibilities offered by the English language to baffle the unwary solver. I liked 17 across and 24 across but thought 11 across particularly brilliant. It may annoy the arch-Ximeneans but has originality and brilliance about it and that's what we want! 


1 Wimbledon criminal? (9)
6 Lebanon loses an extraordinary aristocrat (5)
9 Overdo it, being in need of a fix (5)
10 With women in charge you can't ably run country offended, nit-picking young Greer heads back (9)
11 11/10 recalculated (7)
12 Old tan with nice make-up (7)
13 A drunken kiss circulates before athlete's party (5-3)
15 Greeting a look with a bit of a laugh (5)
17 Inches up (5)
18 Instrument is finally in place and set up (8)
20 Free lunch ain't endless (6)
21 Do the walls again, back and forth (7)
23 Figure that lasts only a matter of minutes (9)
24 Hot birds get screams (5)
25 Played in a lilac teddy (5)
26 Where Asians-only hospital wing is heading? (9)

1 What can result when one messes with wild bears (6)
2 Charge for 1 across? (8,2,5)
3 Choose to go topless to get him in? (5)
4 Child's competition to care about? Then encourage and cuddle beforehand (3,3,5,4)
5 Call a drummer with Valentine's favourite song (4-1-4,1,5)
6 Cuddle broken china ornament (4,5)
7 Stop South where poor development is a feature of motor vehicles (5,10)
8 For example, tip any lost African (8)
14 US time zone has stretched and is no longer known  (9)
16 Scarf sailor returned to President Ford (8)
19 Credit goddess with disaster (6)
22 Quiet, sh! Washington's coming back, dammit! (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Boyar