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Puzzle by Niemand
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Good new compilers are always welcome and Niemand certainly fits that category. This puzzle makes excellent use of the cryptic definition clue, a favourite among true crossword aficionados, as exemplified by 7 and 12 down. I liked the neatness of 19 across and 17 down is very clever too. Niemand may mean "nobody" in German but this promising new setter is anything but!


Like ‘Danny Boy’ (dated that is) (5)
4 Warmed stylograph tip and used inks in an unconventional fashion (3-6)
9 Octet pens composition for Whitsunday (9)
10 Dream I share (5)
11 Complacent character is persuaded (4-9)
14 Anxious race to gather gold (4)
15 Opposite, like north and south? (5,5)
18 Sweet, presently unknown female to remain outside (10)
19 Partial match (4)
21 Be tempted and risk getting hooked (4,2,3,4)
24 Spooner’s become fed up? The solution is to relax! (3,2)
25 I rant and rave about sequence of events (9)
27 Basic component the French sent back (9)
28 Composer’s unhappy return involving this country (5)


1 I spelt ‘yoop’ oddly, in a completely different way (10)
2 Study amongst learned enthusiasts (3)
3 Nevertheless quits serving oriental starters (4,2)
4 Sprout feathers, and so disprove theory (5,4)
5 Set about following North American ass (5)
6 Showing hostility in claim I broadcast (8)
7 If you rush, it might snap! (5,6)
8 Inebriated old tenor’s a laughing stock (4)
12 You’ll need coins here loads too! (11)
13 Cisterns removed by good man, showing precision (10)
16 Reallocate haphazardly without a kind of register (9)
17 Horse? At sea? (8)
20 Aussie cricketer chap’s said to be in debt (6)
22 Either way, it’s a conviction (5)
23 Novice with an expression of surprise over triumph (4)
26 Breed dislike regularly (3)

Solution to Puzzle by Niemand