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Puzzle 3 by Mysti
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Mysti's third puzzle has a theme and as always he has come up with original and inventive clues, which clearly show his enthusiasm for making the most of what the English language has to offer. I particularly liked the long answer starting at 11 across and also 20 down, a welcome departure from the usual stock clue used for this word.



8 Fashion box contains drug (6)

9 Essentially what’s making albino mad is me moving around (8)

10 Runner to hop quietly off (3)

11,15,34 Highly valued client landlord employed when 1 down’s gone? (4,4,6)

12 There’s an outburst about Rubens's first non-Jewish carving (8)

14 Full of what 2 & 4 down might benefit from? (5)

15 See 11

16 25 then sins committed lead to this state (8)

18 A lad touches on one story about a human embodiment (15)

24 Wow! Shinto converted to follow Norse God (8)

26,31 Question obscure plant disease (8)

27 Release setter by the river (5)

28 A derelict building drew near (8)

31 See 26

32 Renovated centre for female gametes (3)

33 It’s a short way for the woman to get salutation (3,5)

34 See 11


1 Honestly nothing could make the heart excited (4,4)

2 Saving up half, without financial help to obtain examples of 4 & 28?  (8)

3 Setter climbin' escape? (8)

4 With the source of knowledge close to empty flat the King is without a 28 (6,2,3,4)

5 Even commie characters have right to Hebrew measure (4)

6 See the man perform to get edible root stock (4)

7 Unsteadily pass around Lord Mayor’s book (6)

13 Grass starts to give away news journalist acquired (5)

17 Judge the nickname for a Yale university student (3)

19 Period of sexual excitement that could be boring (3)

20 The first 2 leave to beat the animal (5)

21  Harden beat to dance (8)

22  Climbing further outside, justify rashness (8)

23  Unable to relax dresses US man up right away (8)

25  Lines about right for fast result (6)

29  Sweet to rise without male to achieve the aim of a 11,15,34 (4)

30  Excellent way to serve meat (4)

Solution to Puzzle 3 by Mysti