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Jumbo by Anax

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Jumbo puzzles can sometimes be a bit of a slog to solve. Not when Anax is setting, though his enthusiasm for clueing shows right to the end and there are some wonderfully entertaining clues here. The two long across clues are classics in their own right and there are numerous other examples of the type of clue that ensures that cryptic puzzles will always hold a fascination for people who love words and language.

1 Doctor is wrong, a type this one has to endure (7,5)
7 Get on with it (12)
14 One's aspirations should be above board? (3,6,4,2,5,5)
16 Focus of Haitian ritual is mutilated puppet (7)
17 Shattering us, flame or gas escapes? (9)
18 An art form lost after decreasing activity (7)
19 Not going on about infections leads to economies (12)
21 Getting off medication (8-4)
23 Tough market to replace, having no time (7)
24 Orders dispatched to arrest a crowd (9)
26 Evil thus secures a worshipper's end? (7)
28 Hand-over of prisoner rough iron manacles finish it (9)
30 Never expressed surprise in Cumbria, say? (5)
32 Blender with scales (9)
34 Wicked old lady swallowing 33 (4)
35 Harry admits wandering, in sleep, on enemy lines? (6-3,6)
38 Abandon children, say (4)
41 Some set on reversing difficult situation (7)
43 My servant carries oddly unused beer barrels (9)
44 Enemy declared old man's 77 (4,3)
45 Mangler that's mangled away? (2,4,6)
46 Threshold of state reform? (7-5)
48 Banks to offer vegetable plantation (7)
49 In performance master has to juggle job outside (9)
50 Draw anything but fire (7)
51 Group of ladies on politician's doormat (4)
52 Extended procedure damaging to botanical show (4,4,2,5)
55 Second and first are close (4)
58 Frightful lead borne by it? (9)
60 Strike tip of match in fire (5)
61 Dry river and harbour, both said to have value (9)
62 Casual look for airmen at the front (7)
64 Nice socks knitted for the front (9)
67 Fish covers eyes, the Titanic heads for iceberg? (7)
69 Anti-abortionist eats wild mushrooms (12)
70 Note Capp cartoon edition that's oddly coloured (5-7)
73 Who killed Medusa? Essentially, me (7)
75 Awful couple admitting son's neglect (9)
76 Expanse of Zaire gladly returned by another country (7)
78 A war film when no cowboy films are showing? (3,5,2,3,7,5)
79 Language that has 8 swear words? (5,7)
80 Panned by critic, I need TV drama to be shown again (12)

Novel drug leading to twitch of the body (7)
2 Stan's heading off to eat fresh tuna without dressing (2,7)
3 Counting everything is part of criminal life (2,3)
4 Missile range exploded by old commander in chief (13)
5 Second pair of grouse shot not so safe, then! (3,2,6)
6 Likely to tease over quote about morning tipple (9)
8 A bit of blood and all you're worried about is the colour (5,4)
9 Union occupier set to waver? (11)
10 Trippy Acid is not C. Porter form of music (8,5)
11 Couple hiding report of torture of one in Baghdad? (5)
12 It suggests online trade? (9)
13 Different reflection in drinks containing ice (7)
15 Shade found in English vineyard (4)
20 Not local to US state, coin must be forged (6)
22 Effect of gravity on sheer pipe (6)
23 His works represent romance via warbler? (4,5,3,5)
25 A wedge nearly always comes from success (8)
27 Curious item given to rabbit? (12,5)
29 Close call for this part of tail... (5-8)
30 ...just in case? (13)
31 With roofer we talk about employment scheme (7,2,4)
33 The government has little say in it (7,6)
36 Locks work wonders to secure business (6,3)
37 Time ran out and I fluffed, the last to score (9)
39 Good memory don't improve it, but this might (7)
40 There may be a refusal to identify its winner (4-3)
42 Whimpered, as little dog whose tail is a little light (5)
44 Endless money starts to go into lesser plants (5)
47 Smoked beef over butter, originally? (8)
53 Story about the tennis playing part of Europe (13)
54 Fully open, as any lock can be picked (2-5-6)
56 Thus I will catch cover strokes (6)
57 One revises upward trend applied to soldiers (6)
59 Topless dress with an amusing, rebellious air? (4,3,4)
61 Must dare, must die, must suffer (11)
63 What will be in, say, bathroom shower (5,4)
65 Protects wood business set up to carry hybrid rose (9)
66 English city crippled in battle (2,7)
68 Top university job but out of style (9)
69 Encouraging language exercise parents and teachers like, oddly (3,4)
71 Made soldier initially drop back, livid about it (7)
72 Climbing smooth part of glacier (4)
74 Sound levels regularly put up on opening of stage play (5)
77 Smoke rising from iron brick (5)

Solution to Jumbo by Anax