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This is a reworking of one of my early puzzles. All clues and many of the answers are cricket-related. Cricket terminology lends itself nicely to clue writing, although I fear that won't help England win the Ashes!


1 Tailender's middle stump is knocked out, causing division (6)
5 Leaves legendary Aussie fast bowler, we hear, with protective gear (4,4)
9 Ball to bring regular partygoer from the closet? (10)
10 Cricket side, 1 for 0 declared why, that's dubious (4)
11 Compounded lead before tea perhaps like some 5 dn's (8)
12 Easy catch can be a poser (6)
13 An afterthought: Stewart's boundaries can be said to attract attention (4)
15 Tubes from Kennington ground reduced by half I'd cut off strikers' capital (8)
18 Resembling former England spinner or something similar (8)
19 Throw from Boycott's a corker, on reflection (4)
21 Streamer starts to fly as Lara gets one 50 after another (6)
23 Puts in man at slip, not having a spinner? (8)
25 It supports the late bowlers chiefly, and that's right (4)
26 No bowler here in Yorkshire? (6,4)
27 View boundaries from Emburey, Edmonds and four from Knight (8)
28 Paradoxically they've been asociated with 22 for a long time, but only recently! (6)
2 Warne, quality bowler, keeps fit (5)
3 A trial game? No, the real thing (4,5)
4 In six dot balls we see Ambrose's first becoming his last. Is that plain? Yes (6)
5 Leggate? (3,6,6)
6 Securing runs, oldish Pakistan opener bats with authority (8)
7 Needle a fielder (5)
8 Former England bowler is fed up with misdirected satire (9)
14 How bat sounds when single is captured by Sky 2 broadcast (9)
16 Describing a wicket for which there is no 20: "South African leaves bouncer directed round top of leg" (9)
17 Writer who was never on the batting side? (8)
20 SA's no. 2 is to question the umpire (6)
22 Home ground of 1200 members? (5)
24 NZ international who gets pairs, we're told (5)

Solution to Crossword 13