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Correlativeness by Anax
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Anax gets better and better and this puzzle shows that one doesn't necessarily have to buy the weekend broadsheets to find top class thematic puzzles. This one is very hard but all the thematic elements fall neatly into place and, as always, Anax writes beautiful clues. You won't be able to solve this on a short train journey (unless it's Silverlink Trains perhaps) but the reward is well worth the effort.


The completed grid contains 14 clashes which should be joined in their correct order to approximately illustrate that which they describe, and to spell a message whose second word can be replaced by the unclued entry to represent the title. All wordplay refers to grid entries and Chambers 2003 is the primary source.

1 Supports form of dance? (9)
12 Craft available to all players not married (4)
13 Socialist who is extremely withdrawn after standing up (8)
14 A long letter (5)
15 Stimulate veterinary surgery? Try to escape it (7)
16 Unusual limits placed on quiet place of worship (4)
17 Sound made by stinging fly (4)
18 Break up from 2nd March? (5)
20 They will play gripping pop with one string (6)
21 Single shot gunner takes, causing destruction (7)
23 Those starting before one then have the two (4)
25 Language barriers ensure only some of this will fit (4)
27 Heartless credit letter presented to board? (4)
29 Special docked tail (4)
30 Cracks caused by cold autumnal deposits (7)
31 Evil antihero killing off man who described the quality of mercy (6)
33 For sailors, stop sign that's always carried (5, two words)
35 Footwear regularly unused (4)
38 Open or locked, horse escapes (4)
39 South Islander, second one to run away from dust storm (7)
40 Jewish month's name exemplified by being reflective (5)
41 Girl taken by worktop good for leather-making (8)
42 Apparently besotted by one girl (4)
43 Some canvas damaged as it lay on board (9)

1 Who, in Naples, wasted an opportunity to decorate? (8)
2 Particular currency lacking coin shape, which is a novelty (7)
3 Overturned mug that's said to stop chip (5)
4 Composer's "Push off, man" (8)
5 An artist framing one half of London AZ (7)
6 Fish are found in water (5)
7 Overweight Scot sent to bed (4)
8 Works anonymously for dictator in old 15? (8)
9 Lowly river duck that climber devours? (9)
10 Bible dealing with rising star (4)
11 Spouse's energy in sack (5)
19 One whose crimes may be reviewed by social worker? (9)
22 A very small part in unrest (rioting) (8)
23 Be confused over direct approaches (8)
24 Makes a noise when communists carry on US supply (8)
26 Lance thrown length unknown penetrating thus? (7)
28 General legend said to be a specific legacy (7, two words)
31 Offensive that's anything but a mess (5)
32 Horse's answer carriage (5)
34 Soul music initially used in opera piece (5)
36 The effect of warmth a warming (4)
37 Figure that may be compared immediately (4)


Solution to Correlativeness by Anax