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1 Horse and trap for a fairy (6)
5 Erect principal feature of a wall (4-4)
9 Opener hit runs, returning after disastrous debut (2 ducks) (8)
10 One following Parisian woman? one briefly loved by 24 (6)
11 Mobile rang and spoiled start of drama like Mousetrap (6-6)
13 Setter devours books what a fairy! (4)
14 Writer's surrounded by old flames thereby things can get heated (4,4)
17 Outlined short comedy piece to journalist (8)
18 Section of Plato is about Greek character (4)
20 Pure uranium, untreated with aluminium, goes into meltdown (12)
23 The weaver's an ass (6)
24 Greek 22 bewitched by 5 (8)
25 Characters not of the standard height will remain at base (5,3)
26 King gives orders to soldiers retreating north (6)
2 Raised wolf for money once (4)
3 Toils hard, raising support for educational aid (9)
4 In which 2 would be 10 (6)
5 Puck heartlessly stealing food is running around like chicken that's headless (5,10)
6 Greek 22 who was well heeled? Hardly (8)
7 Greetings heard from Scottish town (5)
8 Make Holy See contract indefinitely to be unorthodox (10)
12 Being watchful, observing through the window (7,3)
15 In money matters, a European is doing nothing (9)
16 In short, a man and a woman have love for nightingale (8)
19 Lieutenant with 23 i-in company (but not in the same company as 23) (6)
21 Takin' out member of chivalric order (5)
22 Leander's love is a bird with no 23 (4)

Solution to Crossword 12