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Puzzle 2 by Mysti
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Mysti's second puzzle has a thematic element, like his first. There are some really original ways of clueing common words here, especially 13 across, and this puzzle is proof that one doesn't always have to stick rigidly to Ximenean "rules" to produce an entertaining but fair clue. 23 down amused me particularly!
10 clues are of a kind and lack full definition.

8 Post alternative drugs for party (8)
9 Voiced approval about vehicle returning sage (6)
10 Element in central heating component working (5)
11 Fifty divide whip round to visit a place in India (8)
12 It could be cream for char with just a taste of sugar (8)
13 Unit used to isolate new inflammatory disease (4)
15 Germanic person embraces Greek character by the river (7)
17 Maiden lady, English, kept strange pet (7)
20 Man returns without King (4)
22 Road that's rebuilt includes a way to get to something mostly found between 20 & 15 (8)
25 Abandoned man returned carrying something of historic interest (8)
26 Burrow between 20 & 24 (5)
27 Shortly to believe foreign capital used for archaic tomb (6)
28 Reintroduce endless work for flatterer (8)

1 Voluble outburst of horseplay's on the up at game to see American (9)
2 A friend with short dress in the Middle East (3,5)    
3 Hesitation with the opening of the canal (6)
4 Causing laughter about short cut (7)
5 Summon attendance where taxes are collected (8)
6 A road outside where the dead are kept? (6)
7 Cut short walk around state (5)
14 Two letters about land remove prejudice and superstition (9)
16 NHS lie involved having a man outside to protect (8)
18 Something made with skill and creativity in the little Italian restaurant before European added salt! (8)
19 Purposeful procedure shown by Spooner`s men on the course (7)
21 Would be holy man loses direction becoming bitter (6)
23 Rudolf had his end away in a barrel (3,3)
24 A day to celebrate 23`s upbringing (5)


Solution to Puzzle 2 by Mysti