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1 Ms Goldberg, taking journalist to "The Ram", had a roaring time (7,2,2)
7,28 "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?", for example, is clear to a child (6)
9 Gathered one of 7 is into unorthodox creed (9)
10 A long time to muse (5)
11 One Frenchman who's a woman (5)
12 US pole cat is unusual, having little tufts of hair (9)
13 Disguise most sinister to maintain (6)
15 Even on drink, maintains balance (6,2)
18 Put a title to back issues (8)
20 Irritate a shrew with a rope (6)
23 Wife of the last Roman of Saar, reportedly (9)
24 Famous cubist? (5)
26 Give greenback to one fountain? (5)
27 Exaggerate about condition (9)
28 See 7ac
29 These days, the cabinet runs things (11)
1 Lollard, more than half paralytic, involved with wife getting battered (9)
2 In plants, undeveloped seed convolves evenly around centre of integuments (5)
3 Put by river Wear? (7)
4 The most dreadful little girl is supported by the others (6)
5 Young swimmers who will soon croak (8)
6 Prevent clubs being withheld in opening of play (7)
7 Ship's documents are on board - each out of date (3-6)
8 This girl wept. She was petrified! (5)
14 Declaration suggests holy man was a cannibal tribesman, originally (9)
16 Soldier recited a poet to get the birds (9)
17 Space below one's brain? Yes and no (8)
19 A rabbi, not bishop, standing bill for coffee (7)
21 Captures a bishop then sets pieces cunningly (7)
22 From this, how whalebone is produced (6)
23 Continue to play in London (5)
25 Mark can be a bore (5)

Solution to Crossword 11