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A welcome offering from another new setter this one's just right for those who like their puzzles fun but not too hard. There are are some nice clues here, notably 16 across and 14 down.


Poor Gabriel loses a pet (6)
4 Expand knight, we hear, to become vendor (6)
9 Break every other sun-lamp (4)
10 Foresight before the age of discovery? (10)
11 New male with poem joins navy (6)
12 Impressively large assassin sheltering politician at home (8)
13 Rickety trouser presses lacking 2 are things that cause anxiety (9)
15 Remain a guy (4)
16 Navy bird? (4)
17 Abuse dwarf whilst carefree (4-5)
21 National cooks up tangy pie (8)
22 Princess, go after fashionable colour (6)
24 Magnificent shot by Alan completes tally (5,5)
25 Offspring returns to hospital for food (4)
26 Ridicule redback spider, removing two heads and a tail (6)
27 Tree reported on island (6)

1 Bang out changes to ship (7)
2 Regret vegetable, its said, as currency (5)
3 Threatens to send deranged demon over the top (7)
5 Peculiarly rustic gape (6)
6 Queen caught by the French operation starts to appeal to sun-god (9)
7 A time not long ago when chancellery was redesigned, removing hall (7)
8 Huge fan letter about description of extended episode (7-6)
14 Matchstick in cartoon is a surprising thing? (3,6)
16 Bet joker elects first communist (7)
18 Island in salary pattern (7)
19 Pin a suspect horse (7)
20 West Indies left Edward jaded (6)
23 Party has no right to be a giver (5)

Solution to Crossword by Lutian