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1 He wrote "Call me Ishmael never"? Wrong: not the case (6,8)
9 See explosive new version of Ring opera (9)
10 Box I put in space before fire (5)
11 Mountains in America enclosing river and a lake (5)
12 A gorilla requires time to adjust to this beast (9)
13 Very preoccupied with ex-pupil's letter to editor (8)
15 Finds drugs and nicks a great many (6)
17 Oriental woman has no love for young Greek male (6)
19 Run a cold shower it's boiling in here! (8)
22 Encouraged characters in need to rally after earthquake? (9)
23 Scout in South Africa needed underwater breathing apparatus (5)
24 Heron found in region round Dartmoor, chiefly (5)
25 Awful din is made by cleaner, one states (9)
26 Soldiers may take a dip here (9,5)
1 Show self-confidence and keep school principal waiting (4,2,4,4)
2 Tries again to run through "Unfinished" (7)
3 Old coins belonging to Tolstoy's heroine? (5)
4 Woman's weight rising a billion (US) kilos! (8)
5 One leaves a man with yen to be unaccompanied (6)
6 I left soldier in the pub, being unreasonable (9)
7 Boat's pilot perhaps showing hesitation (7)
8 Extremely rude stage musical upset ambassador (14)
14 To some extent, the matter involves shake-up of art foundations (9)
16 Reticules forbidden to ugly old women, according to Spooner (8)
18 For him, it's more difficult to keep nothing? (7)
20 Soundly regret wounding remark? Nonsense! (7)
21 After university pleasant fellow joined children's organisation (6)
23 Fast writer (5)

Solution to Crossword 10