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This is a nice straightforward cryptic by another new compiler to this site. Flay's clues are neat and to the point, showing that a clue doesn't need to be complex to be good. The multiple word clue starting at 6 Down is the highlight of the puzzle.

1 Lawrence leads the French course producing one who'll know your mind (8)
5 One company is reported to declare commitment (6) 
9 See 6 
10 Race into pole in last place (6) 
12 Capture the printer ink, capturing right one, speak badly about it (4,8)
15 See 6 
17 A 24 under 18 maybe? (4) 
19 Up to the point that you put the money in (4) 
20 Underwear needing to be washed out of sight? (5,5) 
22 Captured land, ranch.  Met once to resolve (12) 
26 Good German captures the Italian axis is responsible (6) 
27 Penalty for Vulcan taking kit for assembly (4,4) 
28 Wanted to be born by wrong deed (6) 
29 His pony's broken down and gets therapy? (8) 
Animals for hauling goods or producing meat? (4) 
2 Boy with unknown dame (4) 
3 Force out teardrop for the killer (8) 
4 At that point you could add another to give words of comfort (5) 
6,23,15,9 Potter's creations, painted clay p-pots, often or mostly broken? (6,5,10,3,5)
7 Locals surround temporary dwelling and a moon are these their aims? (10)
8 The old road or the road for the old? (6,4) 
11 Unusual traits of the creative person (6) 
13 Developed strange cut for killing ducks, possibly? (7,3) 
14 Deranged cat is let at formation in cave (10) 
16 The Yorkshire hag gives a shudder (6) 
18 Little organisms plan to include tangled knot (8) 
21 Bravery, when finished with, should be put in a bank! (6) 
23 See 6 
24 Yearn for a single 2 (4) 
25 Goes downhill because of sloppy kiss (4) 

Solution to Puzzle by Flay