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1 He noted legendary bowler taking 5-0 out East (6)
5 One endures endless rubbish written about judge in the Mirror (8)
9 Conductor who's an expert on the Ring? (10)
10 Siren's call makes you passionate to obtain love (4)
11 These days, little girl's into mental arithmetic (8)
12 Babylonian god reportedly ruined this country (6)
13 Liveliness seen in British port (4)
15 Unknown person taking money from murderer (8)
18 The well-read American volume has article written about it (8)
19 Critically examine circular letter and reject the proposal (4)
21 Is Henry taking in nursemaid to make profit? That's what we hear (6)
23 More of the Dome's revealed when it rises (8)
25 Beat in return game (4)
26 Attempt at escape made by bomber on trial? (4,6)
27 Maybe one from Hollywood could become a cinema actor at last (8)
28 Once more begin making summary (6)
2 Something to eat during Shavian drama (5)
3 Red-blooded sounding character seen at the Savoy? (9)
4 King Henry provided for Islamic leader (6)
5 Two sons gain acceptance into school rowing teams that's what the third's about to aim for (3,4,6,2)
6 Company acquiring European vessel needed proof of insurance once (8)
7 Father leaves new student in Surrey town (5)
8 Profit's made by investing money in English memorial that's not new (9)
14 Flipping Nora! Mist across the river causes foul weather! (9)
16 Gimmicky goods produced by bookbinders (9)
17 B. Charlton's team out of league? Such a ridiculous comedown (8)
20 Maybe bowler could be fitter (6)
22 Popular judge rises to conclude (5)
24 Expression of pity found in one book or another (5)

Solution to Crossword 9