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Another corker from Anax, this time a brilliant puzzle involving cyclical clues. His great achievement here is to combine wordplay for one answer with the definition for another in each clue, and yet still come up with clues that read seamlessly and give the solver plenty of entertainment. I have seen this type of thing in barred puzzles such as Enigmatic Variations and can honestly say that this one is as good as any I have come across. Choosing favourite clues from a set like this is not an easy task, given they are all excellent, but the way 25 across is constructed is particularly noteworthy.


In all cases, wordplay refers to the solution to the subsequent clue.

1 Like this, advanced wordplay (7)
5 Stretch of water from Barnes to Putney (6)
10 Legally prevent policy to end fraud (5)
11 Attempt to trap old girl (9)
12 In court, lawyer appointed but rejected, which is a disaster (7)
13 Erstwhile criminal, admitting sin, provides fresh intelligence (7)
14 Damage to shirt by old dog (5,7)
19 Vicious crime concealed by a fool (12)
22 Gag's left out by comic (7)
24 Odd death oddly forgotten? Odd, but true (7)
25 Caesar's accusation, later ending in murder (2,2,5)
26 The soccer legend refusing to finish school meal? (5)
27 Lays waste everything, as Alexander laid waste here (6)
28 Some leaves taken from plant (7)

1 A holy man has light shed on religious writing (6)
2 Roving salesman upset the woman on purpose (6)
3 Happy if opening letter has moved one to criticise (9)
4 Dirty workman? (5)
6 Went for a drink at the Oktoberfest? (5)
7 Time to half-heartedly encourage genius (8)
8 Guard state court's suspect (8)
9 Odds on ugly female miners creating electrical device (8)
15 Mossy growth on screw (8)
16 Enter with difficulty, being fat (6,3)
17 US investigator withdrawn, leaving one in shelter (3,5)
18 She is flirty and charming on the telephone (8)
20 Rock bottom hit (6)
21 Odd characters not seen in film about English madhouse (6)
23 Steep climbing while negotiating obstacle (5)
24 A reminder to crash into upright stone (5)

Solution to Advanced Wordplay by Anax