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Crossword 4 by Cerasus
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It's nice to know that the Poms over in Australia are better at writing crosswords than winning Test matches (2006/7 series)! Cerasus is a regular here and this is his fourth puzzle to date. As always he puts the emphasis on concise and fresh clues which are fun to solve. I think 4 down is very neat and 1 down appealed to me for its sheer simplicity.


1 Tariff restricted under obligation (4-5)
6 Happen to find some havoc curtailed (5)
9 A bit of lowlife (5)
10 Coffee shop I rate badly as a place to eat (9)
11 Knight's cut of meat? (7)
13 Mailer's people found in French province (7)
14 Makes contact with everyone in outer Cyprus (5)
16 Revolutionary copy by Kelly has value reduced (9)
17 A French greeting is not well received (9)
19 Bring donkey around by the bottomless pit (5)
21 Headwear is small after time in the city (7)
22 Impaled night-fliers returned to bed (7)
25 Supports 'Yes' in Spain before 'Support for Women'! (9)
26 Gems from works around central Bali (5)
27 Correct print measures 500 (5)
28 Stopped hanging (9)

1 Crouches to avoid birds (5)
2 More genuine regret held in matron's heart (5)
3 Primates give blessing in degrees (7)
4 Lack of awareness of union's success on reforming (15)
5 Vulnerability of French barrier reduced on the cape (15)
6 Projection of what is not in harvest (7)
7 Surely I can't rely on being shaken up... (9)
8 Rose did likewise, by the way? (9)
12 She shows trepidation at heart (3)
14 Nobleman's competent and can be tallied (9)
15 Inferior example if not capitalised (5-4)
18 To have maintained communication in Australia is edifying (7)
19 Arab wrap is on sole, a type of seafood (7)
20 Her subject (3)
23 Teach to have a black one? (5)
24 Administered Drug Act somewhat advisedly (5)

Solution to Crossword 4 by Cerasus