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1 Indonesian island has Buddhist writing to absorb scholar (7)
5 Having removed article from deceased, hastily withdrew (7)
9 Poor sad Wendy filled with woe, ultimately, from the day she was born (9)
10 Irish sage written about in medieval lore (5)
11 Drunkenness the vice of innkeepers' patron (2,7,4)
13 In history the Unknown Soldier represents us all (8)
15 Exhausted last of finance held in banks (6)
17 Looks after son with display of affection (6)
19 A male predator guards quiet position furthest away from sun (8)
22 Meets previous revolutionary characters in USSR legislature (7,6)
25 One legislative body rejected epic story (5)
26 She looks after the kids! (5,4)
27 He tries to speak in Erse perhaps (7)
28 Observe student inside church making a big splash (7)
1 Thus opponents are scattered (4)
2 Fashionable dressmaker's style is German, intrinsically (7)
3 Some heat generated by those people across the river (5)
4 Tree feller becomes a civic dignitary (8)
5 One's a little bit put out by awkward situation (6)
6 Bullets coming from several directions the result of Klan activity? (9)
7 Remove an organ, as it were, to save someone (7)
8 Dickens' celebrated daughter kept asafoetida (6,4)
12 A fellow I have found striking (10)
14 Too wise, we hear, to accept dubious drug trades? Obviously not born this! (9)
16 Puts in office a powerful leader with aims (8)
18 Agent distorts the truth when giving answers (7)
20 One's captivated by fashionable Red anthem (7)
21 Student chatted with US lyricist (6)
23 Woman shortly turned up unknown lines of poem (5)
24 Eat out with hangman, but skip the starter (4)

Solution to Crossword 8