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1 What's produced after, for example, tea's digested (6)
5 Stein is German? Correct without a hint of doubt (8)
9 Former almsman with Tory whip accepting nothing (8)
10 Former primates have the last word about a primate being beheaded (6)
11 Art has left wife, after split-up, to acquire new now he'll have two of them? (7-2-3)
13 Drink brings a good man to the edge of insanity (4)
14 Lands from boat in Norfolk town (8)
17 It allows unimpeded capital movement (8)
18 It's wrong for a Leftie to move right of centre (4)
20 He's to lend out sums of money, we hear they're required for performance of 23's works (12)
23 Robert Lindsay? (6)
24 Where arch is providing support? (8)
25 Race to follow the intruder (5,3)
26 Order unpleasant old woman to come round to observe last respects (6)
2 See 7
3 Eponymous hero of part of the 22 dies with grief? Not exactly (9)
4 Foster's reportedly put work into lead parts of  The Accused, Sommersby and finally Maverick (6)
5 Right away, city has millions invested into new grunge arrangement of part of the 22 (5)
6 Foolish woman, so to speak, about to be put in front of judge again (8)
7,2 In the 22 the timeless old treasure which gives name to a part of it (9)
8 Pass away stroll by river with part of the 22 (3,7)
12 Solemnly declare: "The fool's always worried!" (10)
15 The opposite of immunising fluid? Yes and no (9)
16 Pentagon is thus fivefold put in difficulty (8)
19 Former Foreign Secretary, being short, had to climb to get to the seat on a Jumbo (6)
21 Star turn for Ben Elton's first daughter (5)
22 Bell of 23's cycle (4)

Solution to Crossword 7