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Puzzle by Phoebus
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Phoebus is another new setter who shows flair for original ideas. This is a very enjoyable puzzle with some very amusing clues indeed I particularly liked 28 across and 18 down. There is a thematic element too and with a set of clues that read very well in the literal sense, we should be seeing more of Phoebus in the future.  


1 A pecan pie, perhaps? (6)
4 British award in American subject for unspeakable work (7)
9,19a, 22  4a's first 10's first enquiry: "Where'm I, angel Thanet?  Wales?" (He's confused) (4,5,2,5,4,5)
10 She can 20 a female assembly to find time for church (5)
11 Head of department starts to grasp point of getting soaked (5)
12 Such as 4a, perhaps blob had to make a mess! (9)
13 Drool at German flower (7)
15 Henri Chagal has to provide with fortune (6)
17 Validate a trying time, say (6)
19 See 9
22 See 9
24 Vice spreads without God, according to ancient scripture (5)
26 Engaged, as one might be following a breakdown? (2,3)
27 Scan needed for one-time woman smoker (9)
28 The Learning Zone only partially explains Emin "artwork" (7)
29 East of Luxor, I entertain select few  6)
1 Where beasts cohabit in mixed-sex arrangement: wish: "I should be out of that!" (7)
2 Three of four points about Germany's requirements (5)
3 Father's blood transfusion delays early start for the dance (4,5)
4 In Queen's Drive a purveyor of seafood in song (7)
5 Afraid to be in debt having broken record (5)
6 Hypnotist flogs car for a tenner, abandoning meetings (9)
7 The sound of the grotto? (2,2,2)
8 Chance of kneading Mama's biggest bagel (6)
14 Involved, unfortunately, with mines (2,3,4)
16 Tiller mirrors tiller (9)
18 One may snare tip-top talk show performer  (7)
19 Rider, say, addressed informally (6)
20 English plainsong holds new delight (7)
21 Bible-thumps? (6)
23 Poet initially appearing in high street store? (5)
25 Sweet clued as this?  (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Phoebus