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1 Seed that follows command to open? (6)
5 Takes a break, having a day in France surrounded by rolling sand (8)
10 Made a phone call and spoke (4)
11 Enrage a repeat sex pervert (10)
12 Grain, and what to do with it, we hear? (6)
13 Gave someone a ring and made a suggestion  (8)
14 Recent recruit finally deserts to fight in irregular army becoming this? (9)
18 Secured return of silver money... (5)
19 that gives difficulty to the French (5)
20 Experienced peacekeepers found west of the river (9)
24 Steps taken by those who get their skates on? (3,5)
25 Drink some Schweppes with liqueur (6)
26 External cell tissue in nerve-ending to trap gas (10)

27 I happen to kiss a goat! (4)

28 Government department makes attempt to conceal a ruse that's gone wrong (8)

29 Neat drives (6)


2 Learned English and Italian in an uncultured environment (7)
3 This does not describe a posh girl who is in prison endlessly (7)
4 Merseyside? (7)
6 As was Troy by Greeks, ultimately, in action (9)
7 Maiden perhaps might get the upper hand (9)
8 Drove, we hear, with good judgement showing this (4-5)
9 Firm has to rearrange dates quickly (9)
14 In 1999, make a mistake over English books causing hilarity (9)
15 Upstanding father wears short protective coat with elastic material (9)
16 They're discovered by pupils (9)
17 Describes a Dutchman giving rebuke kindly? (9)
21 Their properties should be permanently frozen (7)
22 Martial law upheld without resistance by Eisenhower (7)
23 Fallout can be expected from this type of family? (7)

Solution to Crossword 6