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Puzzle 2 by Poins
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Poins's second contribution to this site is a thematic in which many of the clues refer to one grid answer. Often with this kind of puzzle, solving the key clue makes finishing very easy this is certainly not the case here. As with this setter's first puzzle, all the clues read very well on the surface whilst observing the rules of fairness. I particularly liked 18 across and 24 across.


Imminent calamity as crazy cow models for ads (5,2,8)
9 Anni about to ring the chap who nearly lost a pound (7)
10 A cut of beef wrapped around a piece of Roquefort with English parsnip (7)
11 21 of the French enemy (5)
12 Eve’s agent maybe in town (9)
13 Father takes issue with 21 (8)
15 21’s alternative source (6)
18 This social rebel exercises around one after a joint (6)
19 The BBC study of insect food (3-5)
22 Make an impression out east with article on Russia’s top doctor (9)
24 Prospero’s Art degree initially gained in Carthage (5)
25 Arising from a field of medicine involving supernatural power (7)
26 Poet goes around ancient city with American entertainer (7)
27 Macbeth’s witches ride with tresses flying (3,5,7)
1 And in uplifting places get to one’s feet (5-2)
2 What a cheerleader mustn’t be at odds with (3,2,4)
3 21’s finished by the sound of it (5)
4 Circle about lost in thick mist in March (8)
5 21’s a superior gun (6)
6 Rewrite ‘I love Brad’ in colour (5,4)
7 Killer whale trapped by the French 21 (5)
8 Pose by spring for 21 (7)
14 Put back in position again in New York? (9)
16 The sudden appearance of a pressing necessity not unknown to Elizabeth (9)
17 He takes newly married women to Scottish islands (8)
18 21 in 20’s Pocket (7)
20 Police return to Livingstone’s with 21 (7)
21 Pen legal document with hesitation (6)
23 Old cricketer in thrilling race to get a thousand runs in May (5)
24 Doctor again before the Head of Swedish Customs (5)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Poins