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All across clues contain a thematic element which is disregarded in the subsidiary part of each clue. Down clues are normal.


1 Fruit drink (6,6)
9 Member of Tinners' Parliament requires tin to be brought to a height (9)
10 One is left nothing (5)
11 Terribly rude filth (6)
12 Operatic heroine gives thanks (8)
13 Ex-president of Yugoslavia doesn't start in the usual manner (6)
15 About-turn can be employed more than once (8)
18 The enemy's returning old silk to the front of the ship (8)
19 Turn over hotel heartlesly (6)
21 The privileged can use it to pay for diamond perhaps (4,4)
23 C-convexity of surface (6)
26 Out of practice for a year (5)
27 Birnam Wood marched to here? 'S absurd (9)
28 Drivers end up here, of course, having drunk up dry gin mix (7,5)
1 Greek hero lost doughty exterior, having swallowed ring of bone (7)
2 Give notice over conflict (5)
3 Turning traitor, initially, renegade is produced (9)
4 Bristle at extremely egregious upset (4)
5 Held aloft... plutonium? (8)
6 Part of plant could become petals with time (5)
7 Leaderless town in Beds is liable to flare up (8)
8 Writer embracing revolting militia movement ends up in the soup (6)
14 Pupil has ordained learning experience cut short, having no master (8)
16 Browning in Australia, giving offensive snub to a monarch? (9)
17 Attribute good character to a church leader (8)
18 Work out to keep or improveit (6)
20 Old dish for 8 could be casserole, we hear (7)
22 Shy bear we're told or another animal (5)
24 Minor poet like Wordsworth? Hardly! (5)
25 Nameless woman in Massenet's opera gets beheaded (4)

Solution to Crossword 5