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Puzzle 3 by Cerasus
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Cerasus has become a regular setter here and his third offering is one of his best, deceptively simple with some clever twists in the clues. He has the knack of misleading the solver while being perfectly fair, a trait of all good compilers. I particularly liked 18 and 21 across.


Rigid grammatical category (5)
9 A quiet oral disagreement concerning geographic position (10)
10 Extent of influence of a policeman in the outskirts of Singapore (5)
11 Music lover has sound record, we're told (10)
12 Cast aspersion on people beginning to drink noisily (5)
15 Rescue the right person keeping his money (5)
18 Walk on a holy mount? (6)
19 Astonished by a labyrinth in the present time (6)
20 Wrapped up damaged skin (5)
21 Hit and miss? (6)
22 I be getting directions about cross, wild goats! (6)
23 Endlessly share out a relative amount (5)
26 Dispose of current previously made bitter (5)
30 Performing active scan prevents disease (10)
31 Wrong by degree producing depression (5)
32 Counting on a different routine, man! (10)
33 Way to get older by degree (5)
Be cool about the French getting cross (5)
2 Run circles around United and get the better of them? (5)
3 Put circles in standard adopted position (5)
4 Support Her Majesty with answer that's bull! (6)
5 A former NZ cricketer fooled Bruce (6)   
7 Expect dual result if proven to be innocent? (10)
8 Bobby's boss shortly finds bad deeds old hat (10)
13 Treat facts differently in management of public affairs (10)
14 Making as brief as possible the note I vocalise (10)
15 Finally fills vessel from a drainpipe (6)
16 Leap over burial chamber (5)
17 Extra diode is too much for this receiver (5)
24 A taxi comes back for you and me? You can count on it! (6)
25 Measures slow advances (6)
27 Decorative woodwork used in fountain layout (5)
28 In charge following the reformed principles (5)
29 Employment found if you say give the game away (5)

Solution to Puzzle 3 by Cerasus