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Puzzle 3 by Slovany
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Slovany's puzzles are always welcome here and this is his third offering. It is constructed around a long quotation in the manner of some Guardian puzzles. As always, his clues are challenging, fair and fun to solve. I particularly liked 20 across and 23 across.


1 See 7
8 Marxist speaking of modern fruit (10)
9 Something of Shane Warne's encore (4)
11 See 7
12 Funny business with McBain in my grasp (6)
14 Material Chaney linked to the Five Boroughs (5)
15 Race comically needing a starter that's majestic (5)
16 Muscle-woman's replaced by one intellectual (5)
17 Blessed 16 with vowel shift  (5)
20 Sailor against wearing spectacles from the beginning (2,3)
22 See 7
23 Cater for Germany entering with fifty minutes of the hour gone (6,2)
25 Amanda's Shakespearean 15 (4)
26 Hoeness's quiet scheme when entering races some bloomer! (5,5)
27 "Who shall have a fishie on ----- " (Miles away, I let Delia Smith loose!) (1,6,6)

1 Oddly got on Ribble bus twice, tragically wrecking airy ambitions? (8,7)
2 US government supporter supplied another 25 (7)
3 Alumni gathering for holy matrimony 9? (7)
4 Dress up twice in Western Australia (5,5)
5 Stubbs's student splitting bone (4)
6 The St Petersburg Palace: unknown and cold (7)
7,13,21,24,1ac,10,11,22 Tut-tut, thus a no joy era, OK? Or, "A sad world here." "Gorblimey! Why be sad?" (The Life of 17)  (6,4,2,3,6,4,2,5,4,6,3,4,4,8,6)
10 See 7
13 See 7
18 Eisenhower's veto on a Tokyo flower arrangement (7)
19 Number Ten abbreviated memo (4)
20 Terence's brothers maybe lead one behind the tavern (7)
21 See 7
24 See 7

Solution to Puzzle 3 by Slovany