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Puzzle 2 by Anax
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Anax makes a welcome return here with this excellent puzzle. There are some real laugh-out-loud clues here I liked 4 down and particularly 15 across, a clue that surely any compiler would be proud to have produced.


An axe for old lady to sell (8)
5 Outlaw in France said to be an outlaw (6) 
10 Small battle joined by medium army (5)
11 Sunken haunt of Arthur Nelson yes, it's at sea (9)
12 Flying in Scotland, e.g. from Stranraer to Thurso? (4-8)
15 A contributor? (5,5)
16 Old ruler has unruly head of hair (4)
18 Old one taking time to leave (4)
19 One checks the others that's rare in dancing (10)
21 Working lengthwise, notice slack (5,3,4)
24 Daughter of Nicholas II has an inability to stand up (9)
25 Clumsy shot from Home & Away (2-3)
26 An Italian thus offers regular parts to survey (6)
27 Part of a letter and a person who posts it, say (8)
The original Secret Seven, originally cast (4)
2 Handsome and somewhat cruel (4)
3 Odour, strong, thought initially to come from naturalist (8)
4 So each goes the wrong way, presumably! (4-5,5)
6 A free agent on father's side (6)
7 This can end in conflict, make one feel let down (10)
8 Never mind if article about you describes Romeo (5,5)
9 Lying down obstructs gymnastic discipline (10,4)
13 Ex-pupil sprays arrow beneath gallery exhibits (6,4)
14 Some islanders operating system that includes baby prison (10)
17 When it penetrates skin it may suck blood (8)
20 A Philistine city finished off by a woman (6)
22 Low-key disposition (4)
23 A ranch almost visible in the distance (4)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Anax