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A Horse and some Sheep by His Nibs

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His Nibs to date has had two Listener puzzles published, and his offering here is in a similar vein a challenging barred thematic with some lovely clues. He made his debut on this site, as Nibbo, with the Printer's Devilry puzzle (in the archived Guest Puzzles section). Allow yourself plenty of time to do this one! 


All clues are normal, but all grid entries are not. There is one foreign word, and the numbers in brackets at 12 down refer to the grid entry.

 Overthrows areas housing millions... (6)
5 ...area where little Kray brother gets one taking drugs? (6)
10 English flower festival (6)
11 Vicar put back in prison, or some other hole (6)
12 Mad dogs, perhaps, sent back to English man's new wife (8)
14 Loved a Communist party foremost (6)
16 Tribute for a murderer (4)
17 Poet's again having a long time on first of novels (4)
18 Maybe rib British individual (4)
20 One following meeting regularly finds one with potential for blowing top (4)
21 Belongs to saucy, adult, fashionable society (8)
22 Sailor, touring Ireland, measures bubbles (8)
24 Sheep one looking for grass (4)
28 Hoax. Is one taken in by knight? (4)
30 Positions light infantry to envelop soldiers initially (4)
31 Copulate with Victoria perhaps (4)
32 One arriving from heathy plain by river (6)
33 Upper class following party in small county gets free leaflets (8)
34 Stirling perhaps, Scotland for certain (6)
35 Extra soldiers going back outside for sweetheart (6)
36 Deplore imperfect books (6)
37 Boat; and one found on board we hear (6)
1 Ambassador general concealing gun (6)
2 Myself and Scotsman receive 500 lines? No, just one (6)
3 Peter, perhaps, a rock (5)
4 Broadcast song by little boy (5)
6 Two small countries unite to form another (5)
7 Medic, one in the gutter (5)
8 Birds that do weight lifting (6)
9 Turn over to provide for space (6)
12 Can be tried, having a go in the box (4-4)
13 One crossed at sea, having fruit on string... (8)
15 after my monkey (5)
19 Fanatical painter made an offer (5)
22 Injurious pain having drunk gin (6)
23 Penitential garment has just over a hundred bugs (6)
25 Lift up a bit of rock, finding beetle (6)
26 Sailor. cutting foot off another, reveals bone (6)
27 The tax office provides indication of ownership (5)
28 Book found by king, or a knight (5)
29 Right to follow small Scottish dandy (5)
30 Start to recover on back nine, it lowers blood pressure (5)

Solution to A Horse and some Sheep by His Nibs