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This alphabetical jigsaw comes from another promising new compiler. Although he's only recently started out he has already written a number of puzzles, mainly thematics. He is hoping to write puzzles professionally and on the strength of this one, he should have a promising career ahead. I like the clue for G and the second of the Q clues.


Method: Solve the clues and fit them where they will go.
A Lets every expression of pain stop capital! (6)
B Support note editor is to mail (7)
C Cool Ian left confusing this wild boy (8)
D Daughter signals having run to little people (7)
E Mark Antony for example produced ugliest duck (8)
F Flowingly swirled, if dully (7)
G Jet set sparkle at international (10)
H Top mounts supports mine lifts (10)
I Perfect for compiler to distribute (5)
J Puzzle cutter? (6)
K Soul taking issue with destiny (5)
L Insecure Edward eased up (8)
M Time to see satellite from low northern mount (8)
N Record hour taken by new kinsman (6)
O A small city alternative for a bungalow? (3,5)
P Summon errand-boy (4); Whistle Greek character to exercise (4)
Q Suppresses why Spanish left 50 shillings (6); Archer's case made by active Shakespearean (6)
R Salesman returning song, volunteers have note to send home (10)
S Diverted re sap stirs sponge spicules (10)
T Small child catches universal tipster (4)
U Revolutionary new suede not complete and thus not stitched (7)
V Virginia and Georgia have spy of no fixed abode (8)
W Smelling badly reportedly caused havoc (7)
X Ninety bees become three masters (6)
Y Warbled as the lonely goatherd sang? (7)
Z Add spice with gusto (4)


Solution to Jigsaw by Epigone