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A Puzzle for 22 ac? by John

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This crossword by John speaks for itself; it is a lovely thematic from a compiler who has gone from strength to strength. In addition to regular contributions to the Enigmatist website he now writes for the Financial Times as Neo. Aspiring compilers would do well to study his technique. It's hard to single out particular clues from a set of this quality, but 24 down has to be one of the cleverest clues I have seen for a long time.


8 Opposite bird in any set of exercises (8)
9 See 11
10 Norse deity seen as Thor's 8? (4)
11, 3, 9 Comically mastered with 'lemon entry', a way to show words ascribed to 26 22ac (10,2,4,6)
12, 23 Duncan, or the royal novel writer (6,5,5)
14 Familial discrimination tops Mein Kampf? (8)
15 Actor joins company for 26 22ac's solution in the 2 of 24ac (7)
17 Jolly good sum of money (7)
20 Her body clock in the kitchen? (3-5).
22 See 26
23 See 12
24 Stole, pocketing ring (4) (4)
25 Flat type reveals as gay, doing turn about princess (6)
26, 22ac Eye first in seeing that woman turns key to secure student under house arrest (8,6)


1 OK city in depths of ocean, a dark ocean (8)
2 Good seen in evil clue (4)
3 See 11
4 Knowledge lures in female, taken to a hellish place (7)
5 Climber's deep recess for little tent perhaps? (8)
6 Big case: let it stand outside by raised earth (5,5)
7 Dancing chair (6)
13 Courage wins important area (10)
16 Pardon me however you may, but say you know 12 23? 26 22ac? 9? 21? 7? 10? (4-4)
18 What does? (8)
19 Affirmation for its leader in great description of Methuselah (7)
21 Try going round ten times, Bondone! (6)
22 Mail on radio: editors listened (6)
24 Fierce lambs went down hill (4)



Solution to A Puzzle for 22 ac? by John