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There's a musical theme to this one many of the answers refer to composers, musicians etc and all of the clues have some sort of musical reference. If you're an experienced crossword solver but you don't know your Bach from your Britten don't despair your solving skills will probably get you through.


1 Conductor initially introduced First Rabbi to rock and roll (10)
7 Loud note by tenors started below the required pitch (4)
9 Teacher rejected Liszt heard after Mussolini's overthrow (8)
10 Composer of Sweeney Todd? (6)
11 Fall perhaps for American violin concerto one of four (6)
12 Half of Lieder about, say, human subject (8)
13 Plays parts of opera (4)
15 One of three brothers EMI backed to produce waltz rhythm? (6,4)
18 Pupil leaves as clarinet's playing to find violinist (5,5)
20 Have the temerity to do some of Maskerade backwards (4)
21 Instrumentalists with plenty of pluck? (8)
24 Composer of carols has right to speak (6)
26 A composer to name another (6)
27 Ravel loaded with gold here? (8)
28 Requiem for Nelson by Haydn (4)
29 Fine Austrain composer? (10)
2 Copper shortly denies source of annoyance is mobile these concertgoers wouldn't agree! (9)
3 Endorses composer of Tintagel, say (5)
4 Bruckner's Eighth is about sustained passages which gradually get slower (9)
5 Rock singer? (7)
6 I'm finding the odd bits of Boulez filter through (5)
7 Excited by extremely febrile performance of Medtner (9)
8 Some Elgar enamoured Promenaders standing here? (5)
14 Character in Madam Butterfly who has only 7ac's to sing? (9)
16 Tenor performing Grieg and a bit of Lehar (9)
17 Score given to the more senior conductor (4,5)
19 She appears among Brendel's pet hates (7)
22 Arrangement of Alkan endlessly captivates English scout leader (5)
23 Scottish National Orchestra initially confused over G & S numbers (5)
25 Time and time again old boy follows beat (5)

Solution to Crossword 18