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Method: Solve the clues and fit them where they will go.
A) Sweet and sour with a small drink (4,4)
B) Soprano Cecilia looking up a great deal, surrounded by some baritones (7)
C) Means of giving information to one guy in the services (14)
D) Laid back sect developed localised variants of language (8)
E) Groups that are one over the eight? (7)
F) Having a painful condition brought about by Jack's teeth? (11)
G) A near relative I see is said to be Teutonic (8)
H) It's a bleeding nuisance when I ham Ophelia badly (11)
I) Eric possibly is unemployed (4)
J) Yes, the German's snoring in the music (4); Garment from sail? Nonsense! (6)
K) Tend to look up (4)
L) An explosive noise after cutting top off fruit tree (7)
M) Could be montages of units of explosive power (8)
N) Old M; terribly sad following the end of Bolton Wanderers (6)
O) Old poem, one found among poems by misfits (8) 
P) Might have been offered in exchange for a foal? (9); Boy has nothing to give to a girl. That's some thought (10)
Q) Find tail of oriole in search for woodpigeon (6)
R) Frolics following music by singers (9)
S) The quality of being impassive requires tolerance chiefly in hard head (10)
T) Eponymous amphibian in time had a fool ( a dolt) confused (4,2,4,4)
U) Consumes American drink without a hint of enthusiasm (4,2)
V) Heartlessly boast about one's years in position of superiority (7)
W) Every time that we should admit women only, the vicar comes round! (8)
X) The team look for a place in China (6)
Y) A group of students.Yes, right (4)
Z) Focus attention on King of France wearing his nose backwards (4,2)

Solution to Crossword 1