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It is always good to receive puzzles from outside the UK, and this one comes from Chennai, India. Hypatia is a new setter here but not new to setting more of her puzzles can be found at under the name Ilavenil Thirumavalavan. This puzzle is particularly suitable for newer solvers as it is on the easy side, and it is also proof that a crossword does not need to be difficult to provide good entertainment. I like 11 across especially.


First male worker's stubborn (7)
5 What astronomer is to moon starer? (7)
9 One who may have more than one mummy to look after (7)
10 Matador's tool's a danger warning (7)
11 Not drunk but bores horribly (5)
12 Cleaner drama regularly on television (4,5)
13 Endless quota? It's proportional! (5)
14 Cut through centre it's weird! (9)
17 True, no car wreck can create an anecdotist (9)
19 Gold coin in duct covered article (5)
22 Crazy balls I rid for a cue sport (9)
25 Initially as lacking in kinetic energy as two peas in a pod (5)
26 Is Albert set by now? (7)
27 Suppress short operation with journalists (7)
28 That's the limit! It's too much! (7)
29 Surrounded by racket, tear off and abandon coach (7)

Finger pointer's weird curse follows a coarse beginner (7)
2 Trapeze artist can open files in printable document format, too! (7)
3 No fate nor twist later than 12? (9)
4 Baffle gate's rut lets in change (9)
5 The largest vessel in India or Taiwan? (5)
6 Some applaud Ionians' sounds (5)
7 Ease, perhaps by replacement (7)
8 Settler from afar twists rag into money maker (7)
15 Beat corn past limit (9)
16 Scarlet fish alien used for a grand welcome (3,6)
17 Big care resolved for bony lung protector (3,4)
18 The guilty one makes a ragged rip in cult (7)
20 Egyptian sun god follows bell to catch Greek monster (7)
21 Start of travesty motive is betrayal! (7)
23 A gem I sculpted into a likeness (5)
24 It goes with time, chime and prime? (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Hypatia