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This is an excellent debut puzzle from Hoskins. The clues are entertaining, scrupulously fair and read well literally; and Hoskins has used a wide variety of clueing types. My favourites are 9 across and 20 down.


Some flora sea captain brought back to make salad? (6)
5 Neighbourly individual spies bishop being arrested (8)
9 Amorous way in which couples canoodle? (6,4)
10 After taking cocaine, need to talk wildly (4)
11 Bird hatched from rotten egg (8)
12 Drunk adult regularly carried by orderly (6)
13 Network heads to make erotic series happen (4)
15 Do over ferryman for being in debt? (8)
18 Hurry up and break set point (4,2,2)
19 Crown prince recalled army base (4)
21 Artist embraced by sweet clergyman (6)
23 Hung around student during German Ed. (8)
25 Following Aida's opening note for note? (4)
26 We hear long-distance runner is jerk without belief (10)
27 Best to cover up frisky nude swinger (8)
28 Bow to regal figure wearing cultured pearl? (6)

Island tax supports introduction of airport (5)
3 Joint stashed under southern gang's small boat (9)
4 Take exception to being here topless (6)
5 Bloomer as hero blames theft on The Fly! (4-2-9)
6 Recapture wild and heartless beast (8)
7 Bitter queen gets into LSD (5)
8 Most charming treasure stories end in excitement (9)
14 Gent stripped to explore mature escort (9)
16 Odious leader with power to crush men? (9)
17 Fiendish fellow knocks out model in domestic (8)
20 Line manager who's often engaged by banks? (6)
22 Revise end of petition to Lord's director (5)
24 Bigoted chap to be beheaded live (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Hoskins