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Hoodwink’s debut is an auspicious one. This puzzle shows the flair and originality which marks a good setter. I was amused by 15 across, and 8 down is a belter in the true spirit of cryptic clues!


Company policy limits carbon perhaps (4)
3 Schooled English failure about Ms Blanchett (8)
10 Olde pub in a most dilapidated state (9)
11 Province of authentic Frenchman (5)
12 A French plant around rough sea loch generates ill-feeling (14)
13 Run away together from rioting leaderless people (5)
15 Top traveller returns after hasty evacuation. Sounds like a tight’n! (8)
18 Tips back, woefully stripping two layers. Vicious! (8)
19 Group caught in spa city (5)
20 Combining weapon and fear, bloc maintains this (7,2,5)
24 Qatari, losing trusted allies initially, makes a comeback with one middle easterner (5)
25 Butterfly most awkwardly set in salty water (9)
26 Colin’s initial aptitude is removing dirt (8)
27 Playwright Brendan has central character missing pulse (4)

Surprisingly CEO Trump could be PC (8)
2 Model tackily attached to wall? (3-2)
4 Exhaust noise swamps first half of race (5)
5 Shed tears about or on a diverted route to get operation (8,6)
6 Convey rapture (9)
7 Reduced in rank, Edward leaves as protest (4)
8 Paneful expulsion? (14)
9 Culinary assistant focuses with last of dough in mixer (4-4)
14 Pa’s gone and mother’s oddly missing. Daughter and son departed, sadly, for this institution (9)
16 Shakily climb up on it, missing bit of lungs (8)
17 Prime using mixed tint here (8)
21 Taxi home – a modest residence (5)
22 Communicated audibly by heart (5)
23 Radford is currently holding record (4)