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Puzzle 2 by Hisashi
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This is Hisashi's second puzzle here, and it has an amusing thematic element. Its alternative title is "This is a Crossword" and once you have solved this excellent set of clues, this apparent statement of the obvious will be explained. Favourite clues: 27 across and most of all, 17 down.


1 x 1 of the 27s (3,6)
6 Mount a bit of dragon's flesh? (5)
9 Banished, as it might be expressed in Acts (7)
10 Joining constant, with end making way for it (7)
11 River's mouth which vexes entertained fairies (7)
12 Former partner introduced to Scot I unfortunately live alongside (7)
13 Type of reasoning cut with divine representation (9)
15 Authority articulates love (3-2)
16 Provide a fit of pique (5)
19 Return to pardon? (4,5)
22 Moving past you: a stiff test? (7)
23 Elaborate bedroom containing not me, but (shortly) you and I? (7)
25 A quarter of our DNA: yours, once, with Hisashi's back inside (7)
26 Move towards a reading of an essay (7)
27 Cruciverbalists look upon examples, scratching their heads (5)
28 What would exist had entered a flatter inclination (3,6)

Instruments without any bows in audition? (5)
2 Went into rising river, rent apart when swallowed (7)
3 Messy masochistic mayhem: sadly miss out! (7)
4 Oh, act this oddly and you'll get stern words (5)
5 Shout about our condiment (4,5)
6 Rolls up to capture the queen for those aiming to assassinate (7)
7 Turn bitter: donkey will, if I hear it (7)
8 A bit of self-reference when? It'd go wrong (5,4)
13 Stiff? Essentially fine, last I checked (9)
14 Fetch yeti in order to satisfy the travel bug (5,4)
17 The first 21 letters, say? Don't ask me! (2,2,3)
18 Turn 2p into tarts' litter? (7)
20 Swimming, a charlatan almost holds it up (7)
21 Bother about largely articulate fruit (7)
23 Unpublicised masculinity? Well done (5)
24 Scores of electorate satisfied? Barely any! (5)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Hisashi