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This is a puzzle with a theme, and marks Hisashi's debut on these pages. There is some excellent cluemanship here; I liked 27 across and the imagery conjured up by 1 across and 1/4 down.


14, young woman hides bottom but gains weight? (6)
4 See 1 Down
9 Pleasant, short time entertaining Eastern relatives (6)
10 Anguished, a deity embraces online vice, the wrong way? (8)
12 King Edmund to smooth out edge (8)
13 Keeper of goat almost a fake (6)
15 Hang about latrine odour not what it seems (6,6)
18 Keenness for public relations ballot consumes princess (12)
23 Briefly radical revolutionary to succeed for 14 (6)
24 The fear of being exposed, loveless and not British renders one incapable of writing (8)
26 Fragrant plant shrub ground absorbing the content of hoses (4,4)
27 Illustrate how to remove some old Scots? (6)
28 Renounced pig and ate outside (8)
29/11 14 Walker approaching Ed? (6,7)

A convulsing Delia fried up 14 (8,3,5)
2 Oratory choir right, somehow, about half of Eton (8)
3 Check up on notice following six deliveries (7)
5 Badgers old horses (4)
6 Jack, taken in by fake love-in, is to marry (7)
7 At the heart of Jospin's ultimate criticism (6)
8 Sir Philip is kind of to deny calumny (6)
11 See 29 Across
14 A (rather wooden) way to bow without negating English educational institution (7)
16 Could perhaps, that is, resolve to start with more force (8)
17Collection of soldiers in storage room not quiet but loud (8)
19Sun god in knot, as Noah saw (7)
20 Gold to follow after cheat unfairly built a place in the country (7)
21 Loved wine after a party (6)
22 Snacks Christopher mentioned, by the way (6)
25 One point the French must be completely surrounded by water (4)

Solution to Puzzle by Hisashi