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Hearing Aids by Anax
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Followers of this superb setter will know that since he first appeared on here, he has joined the crossword teams of The Times, Sunday Times, Independent, FT (as Loroso) and Telegraph Toughie (as Elkamere). He has deservedly become one of the most popular setters of today and is regarded my many (including me) as outstanding among the new generation of setters. I am grateful to Anax that he has taken the time to provide another excellent puzzle for this site.


There is help if you can spot some puns appropriate to this website.

Navy base guards put caps on the ground (5)
4 Female graduate welcoming royal guide (8)
9 No contract? One may be double crossed (9,6)
10 Study women in boozer (4)
11 Surprise for Newark's odd characters (5)
12 Explorer runs over ship (4)
15 Made airy sound with opening of hair drier, possibly (7)
16 Nag about round grains (7)
17 Female is opening right hand for white wine (7)
19 West-South short journey for experts (7)
20 "This is painful" a guide said (4)
21 Returned golf club bag not a thing to hold on to (5)
22 Entrance to Savile Row tower (4)
26 PM wrong about veteran left in Italian team (6,9)
27 Bumped into author, Greek character returning every year (3,5)
28 Friend, strange one, initially kept back (5)

Praise the land and the country's uprising (5)
2 Shot former lover is chap cruelly rejected, say (9,6)
3 Lane in the heart of Kent (4)
4 Damaged spade moved, one not needed (7)
5 Bull seen in English trees (7)
6 Cast finds hotel address online (4)
7 Thus model aircraft may be damaged, a cord on it twisted (5-10)
8 The man left to invest one's capital (8)
13 Reason for home support? (5)
14 Nameless partner sent to the chair (5)
15 Hostile moods, what PA's worried about right? (8)
18 I'm saintly, my halo sort of new (4,3)
19 It records musical instruments, primarily with digital sound (7)
23 Instruction to take on the same piece of music (5)
24 Medieval balladeer's song (4)
25 No head for prostitute's customer, which is a pain in the neck (4)

Solution to Hearing Aids by Anax