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This corker of a puzzle from Harold is another excellent debut. Smooth surfaces, sound clues, varied techniques – what more can one ask? Particular favourites are 9 across and 14 down.

It is often a mystery how setters choose their pseudonyms. You can see the origin of Harold’s by letting your mouse (rather appropriately!) wander over the grid.

Opening sections of display in the wrong order (6)
5 Dwarf is away with most of crew (8)
9 Steps taken to impose prohibition in defined area before time (8)
10 Having the ability to spin a line on corruption (6)
11 Ruling Thatcher perhaps introduced originally to protect Indians (6,4)
12 Jalopy discovered refurbished is something precious (4)
13 State airline has first-class backing (8)
16 Notice leading article and barely contain anger (6)
17 Hidden tax on driving: inside story reviewed (6)
19 It’s a case of Romans turning around life for Italians in Tyrrhenian island (8)
21 Tool from South Oxford? (4)
22 “Infra” confused with “depth” in guide (10)
25 Welsh Guards’ leader captured by Frenchwoman (6)
26 Lines in Court 1 at Queen’s less clear (8)
27 Fool taking oil company to regulator’s principal adjudicator (8)
28 Demise of language losing its essence (6)

Flag held in headquarters of Ukwa East for convention (5)
3 Schoolmaster accepts thanks for climbing aid (5)
4 Electronic instrument missing a bit of metal internally (7)
5 Instrument in old vehicle is not accurate to begin with (7)
6 Crop rotations from North and South come together at the end (7)
7 Party animal is old dog in Times (9)
8 In new edition of Grove, Bach is a former world leader (9)
14 Cheese is ultimately kept fresh in cold wrappers (3,6)
15 Information about former setter broadcast in film (9)
18 Lessen or undo the effects of ironing (7)
19 Peace-loving soldier, one inexperienced in retreat (4-3)
20 Launch, apparently without the means to rise (4-3)
23 City with capital halved produces fibre (5)
24 Odds of 26 being stripped to the core? (5)