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Puzzle 5 by Halcyon
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Halcyon needs no introduction from me, as he's already produced four fine puzzles for this site. This one is great fun and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Favourite clues: 31 across and 24 down.


Bored with own broadcast (5)
4 Sticky buns are messy on one’s lap (9)
9 Got accepted around the end of September (7)
10 Conductor, on file perhaps, disconcerts (7)
11 Used to be with Ted getting smashed (3)
12 Disreputable old German plods from East into West as instructed (5)
13 Old sailors – bit flashy (6)
16 Retiring Kampala postman has a heart of stone (4)
17 First sign of hedgehogs in country round school (5)
18 Network leadership usurped by follower – sensitive up North (4)
20 Digs a trench – undermines drains (4)
21 Turns over and checks (5)
22 Totter goes back for a sly look (4)
25 Bad temper about the French is largely wasted (6)
27 Bracing air found in Australia, then seconds of Fosters, snags and Merlot (5)
29 Dive ends when last of sharks has gone – dive leader goes first (3)
31 Chestiness? It’s fluid leaving the tubes (7)
32 Skilled in Old English – lacks depth – supervise! (7)
33 Clerical assistant runs a gaff abroad (9)
34 Miserable specimen, back around home counties, cops stunner (5)

Red-hot top with nothing on bum (4)
2 If you have to dress so smartly you’ll have to hurry up (4,5)
3 Principles from the mothers of most setters? (6)
4 Ill-disposed? That’s gin not wind however (15)
5 “Queen and heir on mountain with Ron”, nothing in wordplay says what he might be (8,7)
6 Hidden talent for sculpture (6)
7 Anything from Yorkshire enthrals the French junior Member of Parliament (5)
8 Band’s guitarist’s second to none! (4)
14 Dismembered body part or some bit of it (5)
15 Vegetable is pronounced seriously overcooked (5)
19 Start to expect Les about seven-ish for a morning snack! (9)
23 Defence review makes an uneven case for fighter (6)
24 It’s most painful? Well take it easy (6)
26 Academic briefly rings round for evidence (5)
28 Flags of Britain boy’s beginning to get installed in Spain on Sunday (4)
30 Career hooligan missing on holiday (4)

Solution to Puzzle 5 by Halcyon