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Puzzle 2 by Halcyon
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Halcyon is back with a splendid second puzzle. It's on the difficult side, and there are plenty of clever "penny-drop" moments to be had while solving.  Favourite clues: 22 across and 1 down.


Each of you, deciding about a word, is tentative at first (14)
9 Is not affected by stress, I suspect (7)
10 Can't stop there, not the middle of Reading find another way (7)
11 Cramp the style of spirit medium (6)
12 Something fanciful about a penguin or a camel eating (8)
14 Leg in a cast, tail docked, monkey about to get painkiller (9)
15 Having spat, reported and given detention (5)
16 Spy eliminates window cleaner, before returning to get the old man (5)
18 Well-prepared Chas prepared change (5,4)
20 Simple-minded soul has nothing left of money after pub (8)
22 Outdated old hipster? If the cap fits... (6)
24 Even if one's into booze and heavy metal...(7)
25 ...a chap has one way old money inheritance (7)
26 Us, in car, getting bar meal all organised for this couple... (6,8)

News summary? (8,6)
2 Puts up rainwater stores, as above (2,5)
3 Lively person below, at home to get delivery (9)
4 Relax while in downtown Darjeeling? (4)
5 Official channel leads to credit reference agency in Lancaster (10)
6 Wriggly thing right in middle of article under bog (5)
7 Bar no longer in fashion unable to score (4,3)
8 But paper's out of date (6,3,5)
13 Ron's atomic transformation is mega! (10)
15 Bill leaves woman into abuse of generic alcohol (9)
17 Brown, then cook golden colour in oven (7)
19 Simple, innocent place has rogue bursting into song (7)
21 Go up country they say (5)
23 There's a tiny bit in t'outhouse (4)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Halcyon