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Puzzle by Whynot

Puzzle by Hopster

Puzzle by Snacky

Puzzle 3 by Clyde

Puzzle by Foxglove

Puzzle by Hoodwink

Puzzle by Harold

Puzzle by Dill

Whynot’s puzzle is a splendid challenge, in which he finds many devious ways to tease and amuse the solver. Hopster has produced a tough puzzle with seamless surfaces which provide plenty of artful misdirection. Snacky, a setter from the States, shows that you don’t have to be British to produce an excellent cryptic crossword! Clyde’s third puzzle is a terrific double jigsaw which should keep you occupied for quite a while. Foxglove first appeared here in 2011 and he is back with an entertaining and worthy challenge to the solver. Hoodwink is another new setter who shows great promise. Harold’s puzzle, another debut, is terrific fun and quite a challenge.


Although new to this site, Dill has setting experience elsewhere, and it shows in her very neat puzzle.

These crosswords show that there are some excellent new compilers around, and I wish them all luck with their compiling careers.