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Brevity is the soul of wit, said Shakespeare, and Grendel proves him right with this delightful puzzle. It's difficult to write short, pithy clues which also present a real challenge I'm aware my own clues tend towards verbosity at times but here Grendel shows us that it can be done. My favourite is 21 down for its excellent surface, but all the clues are of a high standard. Enjoy!


Film sounds of breast surgery (3,4)
5 Arouse trendy lover (7)
9 Midday direction for worthless individual (2,3)
10 Scare Heather? That's shocking! (9)
11 Environmentalist with career in rural area (9)
12 Joker aboard cart (5)
13 Brown king's prison (4)
15 Medics interbreed after wine (3,5)
18 Flowering pants? Surely you mean plants! (8)
19 Failed as returning northern king (4)
22 Club with one grand decorative material (5)
24 Clue I adapt without a complicated repeat (9)
26 Overdo drink then sit back in emergency ward (9)
27 Pancake ingredient used in Dublin ice cream (5)
28 Misheard girl's name (7)
29 Pitch disappointing list (4,3)

It's beneficial to remain one over the eight they say (6)
2 Block pit with a barrier (9)
3 Link that is found in metal (3-2)
4 Condition oak or ash, say, for a wood producer (5,4)
5 Enter popular place (5)
6 The whole kit packed with plants (4,5)
7 Spirit used in a good seasoning (5)
8 Driver caught in stolen gin escapade (6)
14 Reject hammer champion (5,4)
16 Said in confusion, "attention", after very quiet fade out (9)
17 Romans in a rotten republic (3,6)
20 I offer myself up in the same place (6)
21 Religion left one in dispute (6)
23 Writer has an article in Match (5)
24 Club without victory is more boring (5)
25 I may boost up etiolated leaders colour (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Grendel