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Puzzle 3 by Gonzo
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This is another superb puzzle from Gonzo, which maintains the high standard he set himself with his previous offerings. There is a ghost theme, consistent with those in his two previous puzzles. If there’s any justice in the world, Gonzo will soon be snapped up by the crossword editor of one of the nationals. Favourite clues: 10 across, 4, 5 and especially 17 down. (PDF version)


Irregular pulse, after constant crashes (4-3)
8 Trees first to propagate in far northern square? (7)
9 Apply curling iron to tie (4)
10 Tops up Her Graceís rum (9)
12 Thin piece of pudding husband exchanged for the wife (5)
13 Green government lacking members in support (8)
15 Lower voice when amongst American cobblers (4)
16 Extra! “No revolution in public transport” (5)
17 Film amateur in bed (4)
18 Immigrants occasionally spectate alongside the French Right, says leader (8)
20 Almost silent – lost for words (5)
21 Noel Cowardís foremost play stars him (9)
22 An element of conduct (4)
24 Honey-coloured Arab carried by local beast (7)
25 Hide cute behind in soap-suds (7)

The number of States in Latin America without a form of car recycling plant thatís green (4)
2 After swallowing Ecstasy, Dadís getting down (8)
3 Getting tongue around Irish whiskey? (6)
4 Parking carelessly too close to Beaufort Sea, they could get clamped (8)
5 Express exit line in Spar (6)
6 Gifts changing hands can be weapons (4)
11 At the borders Mao changes, struggling into Chinese dress (9)
12 One in bondage bending over oddly enviable soprano? (5)
14 Captures Spartan, one escaping in uprising (5)
16 Reached summit of Beachy Head and sat framing article (8)
17 Merge 2-dimensional into 3-dimensional object (8)
19 Mitre once trendy, primarily in town (6)
20 Inclined to detain good woman in idle game (6)
21 Local mostly used to get solid fuel (4)
23 Porters perhaps frequently punching out hauliers? (4)