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Puzzle 2 by Gonzo
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Gonzo set himself a high standard with his first puzzle, and he matches it with this excellent second offering. Set plenty of time aside for this: it’s quite a challenge! Of the many outstanding clues, 1 down is my favourite. (PDF version)


Yearly returns from “One Night in Paris”? That’s succeeded (9)
10 Beast needs a week to get well (5)
11 Move sharpish if time’s limited (5)
12 I’ll hug lad that’s upset in civic centre (9)
13 Hoods set about putting gun to head (7)
14 A short time wandering in narrow passages (7)
17 Films musical, garnering Oscar (5)
19 Sham GP curtly rejected (3)
20 In retirement, perhaps gets to watch caged birds (5)
21 Pub, in uneconomic deal at first, is drunk almost dry (7)
22 Young dog, of a kind with influence – local swaps sides (4-3)
24 Sharply declines venison, almost sick with swedes half-eaten (9)
26 Irrigate interior to cover in seedlings (5)
28 Putting binoculars in dry case, husband shows what could be wisdom (5)
29 Salad veg a bit short – outing gathered edible lichen (4,5)

I claim that luggage! (4)
2 Soldier’s rocketing into space, nerve beginning to flag (6)
3 It could make your jeans look antique (first being put in sideboard) (10)
4 Flies frequently, diggers holding up Leeds-London motorway (6)
5 Helped old divers; is there not an alternative? (8)
6 Impressed all of us when dressed by a date (4)
7 Shell of vehicle rapidly comes to the end (8)
8 Beautiful woman endlessly shows flare (4)
13 Endorses account in book on saint (5)
15 Consistency of foreign lager: purity without the pressure (10)
16 You can count these as soporific (5)
18 Insulation, once incapable of improvement, like tar applied to the exterior (8)
19 More than one stiff bill pocketed by speleologists (8)
22 Halve dry content of grain (6)
23 Writer spilt guts in enclosed brief? Quite the opposite (6)
24 Every other one having been consumed, unbottle substance (4)
25 Student had reflux with pulse puree (4)
27 Studies sure to support Spain (4)